Collagics Photo Mosaic Review
Collagics Photo Mosaic is an application that creates mosaic art images out of your own images.
Developed by Collagics Labs (CollagicsLabs)
Reveiwed by Arnout on April 11, 2014 01:29 pm


  • Tutorial at first startup
  • Easy to use
  • Multi language support
  • Good results
  • Well designed
  • A lot of options


  • This application has a lot of options, which is not a con. But sometimes, it may be a little confusing. 
  • Selected image is cropped at first
  • Filters don't always seem to work

Every application starts with an idea. The idea behind collagics photo mosaïc was simple and creative: create a mosaic art image of an image you select using only images available on the device itself. The question is, does collagics mosaic art work?

Create awesome mosaic images 

When first opened collagics mosaic art, it offers you to follow a short tutorial on how to use the application. It gives you a small overview of the options and of what is possible. It's a nice feature, however, the application itself isn't hard to use.

So when I first chose a photo to create a mosaic image of, this is what it looked like:


As you can see, the image is cropped. It is supposed to be a landscape image. But don't worry, after processing it to mosaic it will full sized again. When clicking on the square, you can choose the type of mosaic you want. There are alot of possibilities, that will all give a different result. 


I decided to use the standard option: growing photo. AFter clicking the play icon, it starts processing the image. This can take a few moments, but while waiting you can see the transformation happening, which is cool to watch. Finally, I got the following result:


The result looks good. Of course it will also depend on how many photos you've got on your device and where they are taken. I've got around ~200 photo's on my device. 

You also can edit the mosaic that was created. You can change the focus, brightness, orientation, contrast, saturation,... It is also possible to apply some filter. However, this didn't always work for me.


Collagics Photo Mosaic did a great job at creating mosaic art from images. The application offers a lot of features, and I'm sure you will find the options you need. The application can be fun for when you've got some spare time, but also for when you want a photo - in a different style.