Hill Climb Racing Review
Drive a vehicle in bumpy levels, collecting coins along the way and performing neat tricks.
Developed by Fingersoft (Fingersoft)
Reveiwed by Jose Gómez on April 22, 2015 03:17 am


  • Simple but fun concept
  • Different courses and vehicles to unlock
  • Completely free: in-app purchases are completely optional


  • The physics are not very realistic

Hill Climb Racing is a very addictive game with a simple concept: the user drives a vehicle in which they have to reach the end of the level, collecting coins along the way, which can be used for upgrades and unlocking content.

While the game is free, it has in-game purchases, which are completely optional and unobtrusive.

Let the show begin

But that's just the beginning. It is possible to perform some acrobatic actions, which will be rewarded with additional coins and achievements.

The game boasts a physics engine that, while a bit exagerated (at least on Earth), proves to provide very fun bounces.


Flower power

There are many vehicles available, which can be unlocked with in-game coins. Each vehicle has different features and therefore a different driving style, so playing a level with different vehicles proves to be a very different experience.

Some of these vehicles are really funny!



This is a very simple and fun game, and best of all, it's free.