KingFish Review
Fish is supposed to travel as far as possible by having smaller fishes and avoiding sharks
Developed by ArnoutC (Arnout)
Reveiwed by Ramesh V J on August 22, 2014 01:03 pm


  • Easy controls
  • Involving Game play
  • Cartooninc look, that attracts kids



  • Poor Graphics
  • Low quality music

The game needs no instruction as it is very easy to understand it's game play. Make the fish travel as distant as possible with out getting stuck with obstacles, that is shark. It has another way to kill the fish himself by losing health. Once you dont have small fishes as food for a while the fish dies by it self. Very simple but attractive and simple controls make the game play multiple times continuosly. The cartoonic look fo the whole theme attracts the kids and children to have fun in their hands. Game would have been much better with more graphics and better color combinations. One can have assured fun with the King fish.






Game would have been much addictive by adding upgrade systems and shop etc. That would have made the more addicting and more playable than present



One can definitely try this game as a casual game and have fun playing the game.