Clash of Clans Review
Build a village and protect it with defenses, then build an army and attack other players' maps. 
Developed by Supercell (Supercell)
Reveiwed by Ryan Drewrey on December 17, 2013 07:01 am


  • Easy to learn gameplay
  • Fun town building
  • Ranking system keeps players grouped by victories


  • Game encourages you to buy gems to speed up or enhance troops and buildings
  • Single-player maps are not great

Clash of Clans is a fun town building casual game. Build canons and archery towers to defend your town from goblins and other players.

Barbarian SMASH!!

You begin with a small map and some basic buildings you can make. You create canons and various towers to defend against enemies. If an enemy wins an encounter, you can lose gold and resources. 


As you level up your buildings and troops, you can go after bigger game. There is a single player mode that lets you attack goblin AI opponents. There is a multi-player mode that lets you battle against real people. To the winner goes the spoils! Gold and reputation is at stake.  

Level up your village by spending gold and mana on buildings. Low level buildings take only a few seconds to be built or leveled up. As the levels increase, so does the cost - in time and resources. Level 6 and 7 units can take 1 or more DAYS to upgrade. 


This is a fun casual game and you will spend hours playing it.