Block Defender: Tower Defense
Defend your towers in minecraft style! Great Tower Defense clone with taste of Minecraft
100 Crypts
Great free game with 100 logical puzzles for you to enjoy. 
Corsair's Jewels
Match 3 jewels by moving them on board and win great bonuses which haven't been seen in any similar games!
Benji Bananas
Free 2D arcade game with a simple, clean and beautiful design.
The Blockheads
Excitement of exploring this amazing world of "The Blockheads"
Music Therapy for Sound Sleep
Ambient music app with eight music tracks and 14 relaxing sounds like rain, campfire and chirping birds.
Hamster: Attack!
Use a slingshot to free Hamsters. Later requires more brain. Very good for kids.
Clash of Clans
Build a village and protect it with defenses, then build an army and attack other players' maps. 
Truck Driver 3D
Truck Driver 3D it's a realistic truck simulator app.
Super Clock Wallpaper Free
quite good wallpaper application and liked font style with no need to get extra widget. 
Diamond Rogus
A set of 3 diamonds fall, stack them up to match 3 or more diamonds same colors to earn points!
Collagics Photo Mosaic
Collagics Photo Mosaic is an application that creates mosaic art images out of your own images.
Pack On Point
Stay alive! As long as you can, run from the tiger and save your flock!
Memory Island: Fruits and Nuts
Stable work and no issues during the game.  Keep in the same vein.
Fish is supposed to travel as far as possible by having smaller fishes and avoiding sharks
VPN Unlimited–Hotspot Security
e.g. Use a slingshot to destroy all piggies and their shelters on the screen.
Useful app for those travelers and their loved ones
Top Android App Manager (Lock & clean master) [Free]
App manager and cleaner. Can also lock your apps and clean your cache.
Paper Pig
Discover a journey of your pig by tapping on screen to fly and swipe left and right to avoid trees.
Beauty Garden
A matching style game. Very simple but very addictive,with challenges haven't been seen in any similar games!
Subway Surfers
Running on rails has never been so much fun. With World Tour, the buildings are given a fresh look keeping it new.
Flow Free: Bridges
Flow Free: Bridges - A puzzle that requires you to use your strategic skills to clear the levels.
Valentine Love Hero
You'll start Playing for fun, you will continue playing with love... maybe it will bring you more than you expected !  
100 Ballz
100 balz is a small  Casual Game game where you have to find the right timing to drop the eggs in a glass.
Hill Climb Racing
Drive a vehicle in bumpy levels, collecting coins along the way and performing neat tricks.
Bad Piggies
Build your own cart to help the little piggies move!
Greedy Owl
Move the owl left and right , and avoid the obstacle while collecting the coins  
Match 3 Jewels
The most addictive game in the store!An arcade game that offer multiple level with a great music
Alpha ARRGH! Bird
Concentrate well on the gaps between the tubes and tap on the screen as fast as possible to get the good score
Time Quizz Cloudy Words
Simple and intuitive, yet challenging. Various riddles in the app to challenge!
Night Earth free
Night Earth free allows it's users to use google maps to view the earth at night, revealing beautiful light effects.
Word Cloud Social
e.g. Use a slingshot to destroy all piggies and their shelters on the screen.
Time Quiz Countries
e.g. Use a slingshot to destroy all piggies and their shelters on the screen.
KML viewer and converter
Does exactly what it's expected to do, but it has several points that could be improved.
Geeks vs Gangsters
Idle game which allows you to get the inner geek going. Plenty of money making ideas and a range of automation options
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