Diamond Rogus Review
A set of 3 diamonds fall, stack them up to match 3 or more diamonds same colors to earn points!
Developed by derjack (derjack)
Reveiwed by John Pericos on February 27, 2014 02:19 am


  • Nice and simple
  • Basic game to play
  • Cool music track


  • General presentation of the game could be better
  • Lack of themes 
  • Can get repetitive 

This game is very much like Tetris only difference is that you are stacking different colored diamonds. A set of 3 diamonds come down from the top of the screen, and you can change the order of the colored diamonds to suit how you want them to be stacked at the bottom. Of course the aim of the game is to try and match as many different color diamonds, at least 3 diamonds must match the same color. 

It is a nice simple game. There is no title on the main screen, just a set of options before you start the game. As you enter the game, you can start playing with the button controls below the screen or you can swipe left or right to move the set of diamonds. 

The in game presentation is very plain, could have been done a lot better and would have been more appealing if there was a theme to the game. It is fun for a little while but can get repetitive and the novelty wears off. At least there is not many annoying adverts in the game.

Overall it is a nice game to play if you are a big fan of Tetris type games. I would rate the game 3 out of 5 stars.