Match 3 Jewels Review
The most addictive game in the store!An arcade game that offer multiple level with a great music
Developed by Hectopixel (Jan Tichy)
Reveiwed by Hamdy BENSALAH on September 4, 2015 11:33 pm


  • Addictive game
  • Good gameplay
  • Nice music
  • Multiple level


  • No crashes detected

Match 3 Jewels is one of the most funny game on the google play, it is an arcade game that provide a great user interface with a good gameplay, once you start playing you become addicted to it.Match 3 Jewels have many level, reach of animation and make you feel greate when you are playing it.During the review, it did not crash and the ads are discret and not bothering the players.When you are playing Match 3 Jewels, you feel atracted to it because you are challenging time and you can improve your concentration ability and exercising your brain skills.Comparing to the same type of game on the google play, Match 3 Jewels will be one of the best and positioned in the top between them for its game play and nice design.Match 3 Jewels contain a minimal ads system, that once you start playing you will forget it and it is not annoying.So just try it and enjoy!