Subway Surfers Review
Running on rails has never been so much fun. With World Tour, the buildings are given a fresh look keeping it new.
Developed by Kiloo (Kiloo)
Reveiwed by Puneet Maloo on February 16, 2015 08:30 am


  • Cute graphics
  • Runs well on low spec device (i9003)
  • Addicting gameplay
  • Good music and sound effects
  • Simple controls.


  • Excessive ads when returning to home screen. 
  • Gets repititive after a while.

Subway surfer, at its core, its an endless runner game. You dodge, you jump and you switch sides with some little hoverboard and rocket actions thrown in while running on the subway tracks. But don't let that fool you. It has some amazing graphics, especially the characters. Just go into the shop, and check it out. Each character does a different animation to suit its personality when you select it.


Watch your steps before you get Caught..screenshot1.png

The main selling point of this app is that its more child friendly than Temple Run. Although, the idea of running on subway tracks is not what one would want their kids to even think about. Cute characters, fun animations make it a great game.

While the app tried to be "educational" by throwing in words that players must pickup for daily bonus, its just a fun app. There is nothing educational about it. Kids will love it for the animations and the fun factor.


For customization geeks, there are lots of options to customize the dress, hoverboards, etc. But as with all games, they cost a significant amount of coins. Off late, Kilobolt has started doing in your face ads for both in-app purchases and 3rd party ads. Everytime you go to the homescreen, an ad or two are shown to the user even if the last time ads were shown was just 10 seconds ago. That tends to get annoying.

You can purchase coins to upgrade your power-ups, but its optional. You can earn coins quite easily while playing the game and so its not necessary to buy anything with real money if you don't wish to. 


Its a fun game for all age groups. If you enjoy facing new challenges, I would recommend you to try this one...