Memory Island: Fruits and Nuts Review
Stable work and no issues during the game.  Keep in the same vein.
Developed by Urchin Games (Abdul Aziz)
Reveiwed by Nataly on August 4, 2014 04:09 pm



  • very interesting game
  • great graphics



  • no cons

Memory Island - addictive puzzle game!

In this short review we will show you some details of the new puzzle game from Urchin Games - Memory Island.

Actually, the game is quite good. We installed it on a Samsung tablet and there are no any bugs or crashes so far. The game isn't a top FPS or racing which consumes tons of device's resources and causes a massive heat. It's a regular casual time killer. The main part for each game - gameplay - is very addictive and fun. You will have to track a fruit under moving coconuts, like in a good old shell game. The puzzles aren't extremely hard (at least on the first levels), but challenging enough to be interesting. And you have some power ups to ease your life. You are getting gold and stars for completing levels fast, so there is some motivation in the game, to make it even more addictive. Add to this fact a nice graphics and cute art and you will get a balanced game worth the high ratings.