Pack On Point Review
Stay alive! As long as you can, run from the tiger and save your flock!
Developed by shriram panchal (shriram panchal)
Reveiwed by Abdul Aziz on June 14, 2014 09:05 am


  • Simple gameplay that is easy to learn
  • Difficult is just right, makes you want to play more and more
  • You can post your socre on a variety of different networks including facebook and  google to compete with your friends



The graphics are simplistic

I didn't hear any sound on my mobile

The game play is a bit clunkly and not very smooth

The objective of the game Pack On Point is to pack the tiger! You have a flock of sheep and a hungy tiger trying to eat them. You need to move one sheep every turn and not let the tiger hunt you down. Its like a spin-off of checkers.You need to move your sheep in such a way that the tiger is unable to move anymore.

The game has many different modes:Single player: You have a flock of sheep and a tiger wants to hunt each of it. You have to move one and only one sheep every turn. If the tiger finds a sheep that it can jump over.. that sheep is gone. You can pack the tiger anywhere on the screen in this mode

Two players: You can get a friend to play the tiger and hunt your sheep in two player mode. You can pack the tiger anywhere in this mode

Pack on Point: In this mode, you need to pack the tiger on a particular point on the screen. This is the game theme of the game!

Time trial: This mode you have unlimited time to pack the tiger. In all other modes. you only have 3000 seconds.


There are lots of connectivity options and you can compete with your friends on many different networks!



All in all, its a good game to try. Quite nice to play fro sometime