Time Quizz Cloudy Words Review
Simple and intuitive, yet challenging. Various riddles in the app to challenge!
Developed by Way-21 (sautereau)
Reveiwed by Siew Ming on January 13, 2017 02:50 am


  • Addicting gameplay
  • Challenging
  • Simple and intuitive 



  • Crashes every 30 minutes


Time Quizz Cloudy Words app is a great educational app for kids. Kids will need to run through the possibiliity of jumbled words quickly and match to the picture. Simple and intuitive, yet challenging. it just takes a tap for the game! Various riddles in the app, it was surprisingly challenging when the letters are jumbled up, even for an adult! Pretty addictive game play, I just kept playing wanting to get all the riddles correct!



Images will disappear as time pass. As the image disappear one by one, they hint the user of the correct answer, creating pressure for user to get the correct answer before the last image disappears!



It was really tough to get all correct, challenging game even for an adult! 


If you would like to challenge yourself, I would recommend you to try this app. Challenge yourself by getting the most number of words correct in the shortest time!