Valentine Love Hero Review
You'll start Playing for fun, you will continue playing with love... maybe it will bring you more than you expected !  
Developed by Auric Touch (Puneet Maloo)
Reveiwed by sautereau on April 18, 2015 01:16 am



  • Good Realisation


  • Funny Theme


  • Many Bonus


  • Strong Gameplay


  • no need the last Android phone star to play with it !





  • Music little redundant


  • Button-Menu design smells seen




Valentine Love Heo is a small Tap/Arcade game whose theme is love.


The goal is to pop the heart shaped balloons, more you tap them more you get points !






The Story



The Love is coming... winter is over, it's spring, the love season !


Cupid his here and his hands are full of love to spread.


But love is a great can be good or bad.


All will depend on "YOU", mister...



How to play ?



Tap the ant, tap the balloons, tap the piano-squares... Google Play Store is full of tapping-games.


So what about this one ?


tap the balloon




They are hearts, the deposit of love.


Because loving bring always to sky, these hearts have a balloon shape and go there too.


They display into your droid screen at the bottom and finally go to the top. But you need to take your part before, withdraw some points of love from them !


There is few kind of emotions, feelings, so there is few kind of ballons.


Some are yellow, red, blue, green, ... all the color of the rainbow !


Pop them before their disapear in the sky and you'll get points. You need to tap them by color-series, blue after blue, red after red, etc... and your points will increase as stairecase system.







Bonus and Malus Part




Never forget love have his own rules :






But if you are an attentive player :













Implementation is globally good.


Graphics are funny, the hearts are well designed, with emotions.


The game was performed from Unity, so we feel its engine behind (in the buttons-theme, and the heavyness of the software), but it's ok.


I play many times, and the game never crash (i have a Wiko Cink Slim).


You can drag and drop the balloon easy, gameplay is accurate and flexible.


The music is little silly, but finaly we don't care... next time i will load "love circle" in my favorite MP3 player, and share my loving saoul with enio morricone :p








There is 2 modes (Quest/Eternal) , and more than 40 levels, so you will have the time to play and play again (and see the ads many time too...but no problem they don't disturb the gameplay).


Now it's time to decide about what you do about love... you will be a Hero or a Zero ?


let's go to PLAY !



* FG for Finger Kissing, Maybe a derivated movement from french kiss...