Night Earth free Review
Night Earth free allows it's users to use google maps to view the earth at night, revealing beautiful light effects.
Developed by Dreamcoder (Jose Gómez)
Reveiwed by Lars Krakhecke on January 20, 2017 07:33 pm


  • Great resolution due to Google Maps
  • Beautiful Graphics


  • Runs pretty slow
  • Has an ugly advertisement banner at the bottom

Night Earth Free is an app that let's you watch the earth at night trough the eyes of google earth.

When you get the app to load it shows you a google map like the default map, but in night mode allowing you to see the beautiful lighting effects all over the globe. 

Sadly the performance is pretty poor even on high end phones so moving around sure takes a while, but if you can ignore the banner at the bottom, you are rewarded with a really beutiful sight.

The app itself needs some polishing, I mean it crashed right after the first time I started it.

But ignoring the performance problem, it's a beautiful idea, I did know know you could view google maps at night, thanks to this app I now know.

Definitely worth taking a look, It's free after all. And if you really enjoy it, tip the developer!