The Blockheads Review
Excitement of exploring this amazing world of "The Blockheads"
Developed by Noodlecake Studios Inc (Noodlecake)
Reveiwed by Vincenzo Amoruso on October 26, 2013 10:08 am



  • Great graphics as the famous "Super Mario bros."
  • Many games location
  • Many games situations



The Blockheads app is an adventure game "survivor" type, where the player must explore and survive with rudimentary type spade or fire in a randomly generated a vast world oceans , mountains, forests , deserts and caverns deep underground .In many adventurous situations you have to find the food how to collect coconuts or cook meat with fire, finding places to sleep like caves and create clothes with tools that allow you to work faster.

In single game mode or multi you can also play online with other friends and share the excitement of exploring this amazing world.


Let's start to see the game

Select player mode single multi and by google+


let's play with "Chris"


... and many many other locations ...




Admire beautiful backgrounds, many locations, many adevntorous situations, its  attractive graphics reminiscent of the famous game "Super Mario Bros" and with so many places to explore, "The Blockheads" is a game that you have to try.