KML viewer and converter Review
Does exactly what it's expected to do, but it has several points that could be improved.
Developed by BMAC Infotech (Christmas Budget Planner)
Reveiwed by Jorge Cevallos on June 4, 2020 01:06 am


  • Opens and shows KLM files
  • Find files from anywhere in the device and Google Drive
  • Converts files to other formats


  • Doesn't inform where converted files are stored. They can be shared but I'd prefer to also be able to locally store the file in a know folder.
  • Full screen ads are invasive and too frequent.

KML viewer and converter does exactly that without any issues: it finds any KML file in the device, opens it and converts it into several formats. It's definitely useful.


After opening a file the app allows the user to grant GPS permissions to go to the current location, or one can freely navigate in the map. Available formats to convert KML files are:




- GeoJson

- TopoJson


Conversion takes a few seconds for a medium to large file. It's not extremely fast but it's completely acceptable and an animation makes it clear the app is working.


However I strongly recommend 2 changes to significantly improve the user experience.


1) Reduce the number/frquency of full-screen ads. I understand this app is completely free so I'm not asking a complete removal of ads. But the current amount makes the app somewhat uncomfortable to use.



2) Let the user choose the directory where converted files are stored, or clearly inform where they are. This is not critical because files can be easily shared through email and other apps, but sometimes I prefer to store my files locally in a known folder.