Hamster: Attack! Review
Use a slingshot to free Hamsters. Later requires more brain. Very good for kids.
Developed by Backflip Studios Inc. (Backflip)
Reveiwed by derjack on November 16, 2013 07:14 pm



  • Nice cartoon graphics
  • Good gameplay
  • Good for kids



  • Too much of Angry Birds clone

Hamster: Attack is good game you would play during lesson breaks or when you are going by bus. It has nice drawed graphics, it would be good for kids. Worked well on my phone. No crashes or lags whatsoever and my phone isn't very new :) 

It's easy and funny. It get appriopately harder over time. The only con is that this is very much of Angry Birds clone. But it plays betters than Angry Birds on my phone. At first it was kinda weird to get used to it. Unlike Angry Birds, you don't kill enemies, but use your brain to free your friends. It gets more of logical/puzzle game later. But I liked it.

Here are some screenshots from the gameplay.





If you have a kid, I would recommend Hamster: Attack and install it on tablet so you can get more time for yourself. Or install it for yourself. It's pretty good time killer.