Music Therapy for Sound Sleep Review
Ambient music app with eight music tracks and 14 relaxing sounds like rain, campfire and chirping birds.
Developed by Imoblife Inc. (Imoblife)
Reveiwed by Peter Oruba on November 8, 2013 09:48 am


  • Clean and consistent user interface
  • User interface elements move smoothly
  • Sound effects like chirping birds, wind, thunder, etc. come in a good sound quality.
  • Built in timer function
  • Nice Wallpapers of trees, sunsets, beaches, etc
  • Each track activates a set of sound effects that match the its theme
  • Stable


  • Some minor usability quirks

'Music Therapy for Sound Sleep' is a collection of eight ambient music tracks and 14 relaxing sound effects like chirping birds, wind or breaching waves. Every music track selects a different wallpaper matching the track's mood. There is a mixer that lets you enable or disable each sound separately and also set its volume. The sound collection is nice and plentyful, though one thing that could be added is a cat's purr. A built in timer, if set, makes sure the music doesn't keep playing all night long.

User Interface

Looking at the transparent UI elements you see a consistent composition trying not to disturb the wallpaper's presence. You do have to try out what function hides behind which button, but each subview e.g. timer, playlist, playmode etc. is self-explanatory. There is a minor usability quirk here and there, however, it doesn't really affect the overall good usability.






Nice tool have around when you'd like to calm down a bit or just to have it playing in the background while working.