Greedy Owl Review
Move the owl left and right , and avoid the obstacle while collecting the coins  
Developed by Greedy Owl (Arvindh Swami)
Reveiwed by Anis chandoul on August 18, 2015 12:28 am



  • Nice game play 
  • Easy to understand 
  • Fancy colors
  • the coins are usfull and exchangeable 



  • the interface is a little bit confusing 
  • too much element in the interface 

Greedy owl is a great arcade game, the title is appealing and describe exactly the situation; if you get greedy you lose. 

Let the owl fly

The controls are responsive and easy to use 

Some information in the scoreboard is not needed while playing: lives, record. This information would be good to see when the game is over as it obstruct part of the screen and distract the player, I think 



Collecting the coins on this game is not a waste of time as you can exchange the coins at the shop for more characters or even extra life. 




The game is challenging and provides some entertaining but the graphics seems to be stitched together. I liked the game but in the long run I know that I will be bored, visually it needs some work.

Another area that needs some work is the user interface, poor choice of colors, and why using so much fonts? 

There is some room to improve and make the game appealing the idea is promising and needs to be taking to the right direction.