Geeks vs Gangsters Review
Idle game which allows you to get the inner geek going. Plenty of money making ideas and a range of automation options
Developed by Idle Game Studio (Lars Krakhecke)
Reveiwed by Karl Griffiths on February 14, 2021 04:16 pm



  • Appealing artwork / graphics
  • Simple UI
  • Good speed of upgrade capability
  • Good range of items you can buy



  • No cons. It's actually a very simple straight forward idle game which is very easy to get into

A simple yet imaginative idle game for those who love seeing lots of progress without having to over work it or spend hours playing to see results. It has appealing artwork, not over done, and yet quite interesting to look at, the cartoon feel does not make the game feel childish like some cartoon graphic games which helps this one stand out



Click and grow

I love the speed at which this particular app grows the finances. It's non stop and when you think you have reached a cap there are more ways to generate extra income, your work is never done and yet you can go offline come back later and grow yourself further without feeling like you missed out whilst you were offline


if you like idle games that work well without spending and still provide extra options where you can spend and feel like it actually helped then this game is for you