Time Quiz Countries Review
e.g. Use a slingshot to destroy all piggies and their shelters on the screen.
Developed by way-21 (sautereau)
Reveiwed by Christmas Budget Planner on October 9, 2019 02:48 pm



  • Great graphics
  • Addicting gameplay
  • supper game 



  • Crashes every 30 minutes

Time Quiz Countries is a great game. Here I must say one thing that is if you go everywhere in the country and watch all the best, wonder, good, bad, place in any of the countries then you definitely win this in some time. yes if you never visit the most countries place then it should be difficult but not impossible to do, you try to do this but it takes some time. when you play this you must think that you also learn something from here. play this game with your child and that can increase your child's IQ and thinking power. Here you can see some of the best places in countries and you have to find out this place is in which country

I must say play this game in your time and watch famous in many countries in your home. suggest this with your friends and also check your friends thinking the way